Leah Johnson, CPA
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Personalized and professional.

Tax Preparation

I prepare tax returns for all types of clients (including individuals, partnerships, LLCs, C and S corporations, estates, gift tax, and trusts). I can prepare returns for taxpayers in all US states or taxpayers who file in multiple states. I ensure my clients' returns are prepared in a timely and accurate manner while minimizing tax and maximizing deductions to the full extent permitted within the law. I place an emphasis on quality over quantity - I have a small practice which allows me to provide each client with personalized service and a high level of attention to detail.

Tax Consulting

If you've ever wondered how a particular investment or business decision will impact you from a tax perspective before you take action, I can consult with you on unique projects. Maybe you want to know the tax implications of your retirement planning. Perhaps you have concerns about gift or estate tax. Or maybe you are considering selling a piece of real estate and want to know what your options are for minimizing capital gains tax. Whatever your unique concerns are, I can work together with you to address them so you can make informed decisions and know what to expect when it's time to file your tax return.


Whether you need ongoing bookkeeping for a business, trust, or real estate property or you have a special accounting project you'd like me to do, I can help. My services are tailored to your unique needs. I can provide traditional financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement) or just a basic profit/loss. I can prepare comparative financial statements and do projections and forecasting based on input you provide me. You can receive financial statements from me monthly, quarterly, or annually. It's entirely up to your needs and your budget. I recognize the importance of timeliness and am committed to providing financial statements while the information is still relevant to you, usually within a month or less of the close of the reporting period.


  • Free Consultations

    Is This Right for Me?

    Curious if I can help with your unique situation? I offer free 15-30 minute phone consultations.

  • Versatile

    Clients I Serve

    • Individuals
    • Full-time RVers
    • Small Businesses
    • Real Estate Investors
    • Property Management
    • Trusts
    • LLCs, Partnerships, C and S Corporations
  • Competitive Pricing


    I like to use fixed fees with my clients as much as possible. I feel that when you work with us, you are paying for value best expressed in a fixed fee with a well-defined scope of services. My fees are very reasonable compared to most CPA firms throughout the US. I keep My overhead low and pass those savings along to my clients. If you decide to engage us to work on a project on an hourly basis, I will keep you informed about the hours I expect to incur so there are no surprises.

  • Mission Statement


    My mission is to provide my clients with timely, individualized, and accurate tax and accounting services.
    I will not sacrifice quality for quantity: I would rather provide excellent service to a smaller number of clients than compromise my quality to have higher volume.
    I recognize that clear communication and responsiveness is a high priority to my clients.
    I believe that effectively utilizing technology allows us to provide secure, flexible, and affordable service to my clients in today's environment.
    I have experience that allows us to serve a large variety of clients, but I especially enjoy working with mid/high-net worth individuals, small business owners, real estate investors, and those with location independent lifestyles (including full-time RVers).

  • Location Independent


    By making extensive use of technology and running a paperless practice, I am able to serve clients throughout the entire US, from wherever I am, and to wherever you are. I am an expert in federal income tax and can prepare state tax returns for all US states.

Your CPA

Leah Johnson, CPA

Leah graduated from California State University, San Bernardino in 2007 with a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. She spent the first 5 years of her career working for CPA firms (including 2 years at the 5th largest CPA firm in the US), providing tax and assurance services to a broad variety of clients. During this time, Leah obtained her CPA license. Leah then spent over 3 years working as a manager of shareholder services for the shareholders of a global, family-owned corporation. Her work focused on providing and coordinating various tax, accounting, and estate planning services for multiple generations of shareholders and their various trusts and LLCs. Leah resigned from her position and chose to start her own CPA practice in 2015. Leah is passionate about providing personalized, timely service with a high attention to detail for her clients.

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